All Things Me

Artistic expression has always been in my life.

I am shamelessly obsessed with windmills, waves and wine.

I am married to the most tolerant man who doesn’t mind my craft stations in the dinning room when the girl den spills over, who drives me to weird locations when I am to afraid to go alone but want the shot and who doesn’t question my love for windmills.

We got hitched in Maui, it was rad.

Winston is my (our) puppy, he is the best.

I have my Master Degree from UC Davis, it is not related to Photography.  I am a self-taught photographer and extremely proud of that.

I LOVE catching moments of laughter! They are so real, and although often not 'perfect' those photos tell the story I want to share. 

This passionate affair that I call Photography has continued for years, with no end in sight.

My photographic style is not traditional.  

I want to create a one of a kind, unique photography experience with each one of my clients.  I don’t think every photography session should look the same, because we are all different as people, and your images should represent us, not a stranger on Pinterest - don’t get me wrong I love Pinterest for some inspiration, but as a wise person once told me, "Be the pin, don’t just pin the pin!"

Some of my best images have not been my sole creation, rather a collaboration between myself and the person on the other side of the lens - you! When you bring your creativity and vision to the table we can transcend a photo and create art.

In the end we should create something we can both be proud of! 

Please send me a message if you are interested in booking a session!

Each person is unique and each situation has different needs. I am always willing to put together a custom package. All it takes is a phone call or email to set up your one of a kind photography experience.

Based in Sacramento CA

Always Body Positive, Inclusive and Welcoming to ALL