Introducing Kitsune Kami

Sacramento Boudoir Photographer

Last year I had the privilege of meeting a beautiful human.  After our first photoshoot together I knew our journey had just begun…and a year later, here we are; fulfilling what can only be described as destiny.

For the next several months Kitsune Kami will be a guest blogger here.  She will be giving you a raw view of her body journey as a burlesque goddess, a new momma and a strong woman.

Her words paired with my photography.

Her story, and my eyes.

I couldn’t be more excited!

Reclaiming my Sexuality

Adapting to a forgotten ritual

There’s more where that came from, I swear it.

Adjusting to a new  routine is always a bit scary.

Imagine stepping back into a familiar one lost from years.

I’m staring into a monster of a hand waving.

They’re not surprised and affable the moment I see them.

This child, my baby.  

Acknowledging that this journey is going to be followed through begins to roll over my skin, into my heart.

Joyful doesn’t sound right…

I am breathless,

Utterly speechless.

Except there is an excitement bubbling.

God bless me-

I am truly whole-heartedly enthusiastic to tell my sister the news.

No apprehension as comes when you first bear fruit.

Now the next batch will be poured over my loved ones as treasured ambrosia.

We are received graciously, with a matched enthusiasm.

They know how hard we worked to be here.

In this space-

In this space with each other.

His goddess he says-

Is bringing him someone special to complete this family.

Our family.  

What comes is a fury.

She makes me crumble into myself, my body hurts the whole way through.

As if Artemis granted her the spears to proclaim her reputable dynamic.

Prescribed to lay in bed.

I am subdued, painfully limping by the time she punctually debuts.

We are undead, laborious and exerted.

Our sweet bundle is consuming us.

As we pass each other in the hallway late at night,

Our hands touch and our fingers interlock for a moment of caress.

His hair feels so soft against my cheeks.

His chest is warm and god he smells like love.

Sweet love patiently waiting to be succumbed into

as the last wound heals between my thighs.

Kissing me intently with such gentleness

reminding that we miss each other as we accustom to this new life.

My mind buzzing in fantasy of when is alone with each other.

My temple he says as he runs a hand down my side and holds me close.

He loves me with my wretched face still full,

my body so ragged from  excavation,

he loves me.

It’s a sure thing, So what now?

Celebrate my beautiful curves and new suppleness,

Paired with zealous shallow patches.

Grasping handfuls conveniently ample for clenching.

This temple has expanded and now is coming back to home.



because if it becomes dark,

lord help me we won't get out alive.

Push me into Eternity.